Thursday, October 28, 2010

Champagne Charlies

For no particular reason whatsoever I thought I would republish links to some of my favourite posts on this blog.

My speech at Labour Party conference in 2009 about the millionaire Champagne Charlies - Cameron and Osborne

This one about the "curse of grayee" following the Daily Mirror exposure about Cameron being found out quaffing £140 per bottle champagne.  This was after he wanted pay freezes on millions of public sector workers who earn less than this amount per week.

Or this post about "how to become a Tory MP" - one way is to bribe members of CCHQ "It was a person I'd bought champagne at the last Party Conference. It was the best £35 I ever spent in my time in the party."

Finally this post on the speech to this year's Labour conference by respected Railway union leader GerGerry Doherty's defence of basic health and safety on the London underground and his attack on Bullingdon Champagne Mayor Boris Johnson.

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