Saturday, October 30, 2010

John's Autumn Watch

Off message but last weekend I went for a marvellous Autumnal walk in the Chilterns.  It is apparently a particularly "bountiful" season this year with lots of fruit and berries.  Thanks to the cold winter last year which killed off fungi and pests with a warm but showery summer.  Double click photos to bring up detail.

In the weak sunshine and long shadows the trees are starting to change colours.  It had rained the day before and there was that lovely wet, musty muddy smell in the woods. 

There were some huge birds of prey floating up high looking for dinner and a very disdainful small deer (left - Munjac?) who hopped away like a rabbit.   

The walk was (number 15) "Great Hampden and Little Hampden".  There were simply superb views all along the route.  It was only 6.5 miles and while up and down there was nothing too strenuos. 

There was a little bit of history at Hampden House which is the site (right) of the home of John Hampden, the leading Parliamentarian whose refusal to pay Ship Tax in 1641 was one of the triggers of the English Civil War.  See - the British if pushed too far can be rebellious! (not that Revolution did poor John much good)

The rolling hills and beech woods of the Chilterns are deservedly an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and only a few miles from London.  It can get very crowded in the more popular spots but this walk was quiet and very peaceful.  Recommended.


Anonymous said...

As a local Councillor you have said nothing about the campaign over Wanstead flats. Don't you support local residents?

May be you don't care about Newham!

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

I have mentioned the issue (many months ago) But I'm not sure you realise that Wanstead flats is actually in Redbridge not Newham (and that it is not in West Ham Ward either?)

However, as a local resident and someone who has lived 20m away from the flats for the last 22 years and goes running/walking on it most days - I think you could guess my concerns.