Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh dear, what a shame, never mind, onwards and forwards

Check out the result of yesterday's election for Tower Hamlets Mayor here.

We live in interesting times in East London.


Anonymous said...

Good I am glad the Labour Candidate won

Anonymous said...

he didn't - the millionaire's and bigots friend won

Anonymous said...

Oh well John, so much for your 'uniting the East End' candidate

Anonymous said...

shame that Helal did not win but no surprise since the IFE had threatened all the mosques into supporting LR.

This is a actually a good result since the local Labour Party has finally got rid of most of its internal cancers.

No more GBH former drug dealers in their ranks

it is good to know that city businesses are finally waking up to the homophobes and racisits - and are oganising silent boycotts of the millionaire backers of you know who.

action speaks better than words.

Anonymous said...

How amusing to see that committed labour party member Ken Livingstone out with Lutfur Rahman. You really were united on this weren't you

Anonymous said...

I hope this new Mayor turns out to be a nutter. I hope that this way the new coalition can abolish directly elected Mayors. They have not learned from the mistakes of Newham Mayor.

Anonymous said...

the anon nutter doesn't seem to understand that the coalition think elected mayors are great and are going to impose them on all councils.

Anonymous said...

look at the turnout

regardless of the result

who thought it would be a clever idea to have a mayor for tower hamlets

a borough driven by shame politics where swp/respect members join the tories etc

This and some of the Northen Cities are a disgrace

the Mayors are a joke

Anonymous said...

"who thought it would be a clever idea to have a mayor for tower hamlets"



Anonymous said...

Oh dear, another own goal. Firstly for backing the elected mayoral system, which those of us in Newham have seen concentrate power disastrously in one person, to the detriment, in my view, of local politics. And, secondly for manipulating the process against the will of the local party - for which Labour has been punished by the electorate, not for the first time.

All kinds of allegations are flying around I think and I have no way of knowing the truth, but in a borough in which the style of politics is being put under question, the last thing you need is to concentrate power further in one person.

We really need a rethink on elected mayoral systems. Or the building in of adequate safeguards that restrict the powers of patronage and guarantee effective scrutiny.

In truth perhaps the election of an independent mayor as opposed to someone attached to a party may be a better way of achieving scrutiny of mayoral policy and practice, because there may be sufficient balancing of power between different bodies.

Anonymous said...

Newham losers whining pointlessly about things again i see. they just love the relgious bigots in tower hamlets taking over. since they are the wealthy middle class who live in different world than rest of us.