Friday, September 10, 2010

NHS DIRECT "Critical Victory"

Some good news for a change!  The Governments appears to have changed their mind on the plan to close NHS Direct. 

Is the lesson that we should learn be that an immediate, sharp and vigorous response to plans to cut can mean they can be overturned?

UNISON press release:


Commenting on reports that Health Minister Andrew Lansley has denied plans

to shut down NHS Direct, Dave Prentis, General Secretary of UNISON, said:

³This is great news for patients and for staff at NHS Direct. The service that NHS Direct offers is tried and tested and is of great value to the public, as the outcry over the threat of closure shows. The service provides a reassuring voice for worried parents in the middle of the night and is a well of advice that the public can tap into 24 hours a day. Andrew Lansley should not have put nurses and staff in fear of their jobs in this way

³I am sure staff will still be confused and worried that the Government may have another change of heart. I would like a guarantee from the health minister that the 1,300 nurses working for NHS Direct will still have a job there this time next year.²

Michael Walker, UNISON national Officer for NHS Direct Staff, said: ³This sounds like fantastic news and a victory for common sense. It shows the effectiveness of the Unions campaign against the threat to axe NHS Direct. There has been a real groundswell of opposition from the public, with thousands of people signing a petition against the closure.
³The service employs 3,400 NHS dedicated specialist nurses and professionals and provides expert help - taking more than 27,000 calls a day. It successfully takes the pressure off the emergency services and from busy GP surgeries.

³However, I think we still need to be vigilant. I want to hear more detail of Andrew Lansley¹s announcement today, to make sure that staff and the valuable service they provide, are truly protected in the longer term."
"UNISON congratulates NHS Direct staff and their union reps for getting behind the campaign and making their views known to the public".


Anonymous said...

Great result
Welldone UNISON

Anonymous said...

RCN did nothing.