Thursday, September 23, 2010

Abbas 4 Mayor

"Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!" Despite the inevitable fuss and bother the local Party are pulling together around its Council leader, Helal Uddin Abbas (centre with file), as the Labour Party candidate to be Tower Hamlets Mayor.

No one person is bigger than the Party.  Our elected National Executive Council leadership have decided overwhelming to back Abbas in very difficult circumstances.  Abbas is an able and experienced leader and politician.  He was very positive towards the trade unions when I was the Tower Hamlets UNISON Labour Link officer and I have always thought he was a decent and honest secular socialist. 

I understand that there has been a failed legal attempt to challenge this decision. Nominations close at noon tomorrow. 

I shall look forward to the campaign!

Hat tip for picture to Dan McCurry.


Anonymous said...

Labour = Losers

Anonymous said...

Like they lost in May 6 in East London?

Anonymous said...

So you agree the Labour NEC should have the right to overrule the local party in selecting a candidate?

bob smith said...

John - the Labour Party in Tower Hamlets has a very chequered history of late, and quite frankly, if the Newham experience is anything to go by, the last thing they need in Tower Hamlets is an elected Mayor. Should be an interesting election and aftermath. I thank God I don't live there.

John Gray said...

Hi whoever at 12.50 .

If it is you - then please post comments which may or may not be libel on your blog not mine.

Hi Anon 15.08

of course the NEC has the the right to suspend a candidate and impose another. You can argue whether or not it was the right thing to do but you cannot argue that they cannot do it.

Hi Bob

I must buy your book.

Red Ken's Pen said...

Heres what went down -

Anonymous said...

Replying to your response in the earlier post apparently he's not standing as Respect, although I am sure you would be desperate label him as doing so however by refusing their offer to be a Respect candidate they have lost the lifeline the NEC threw them which is good thing.

If he is standing as independent then remember Blaenau Gwent, Falkirk West and London Mayor 2000. When struggle for democracy in the Labour party is played out in the ballot box then often the candidate the local Labour party wanted wins, so could Tower Hamlets Mayor be added to that list?

bob smith said...


You are more than welcome to buy my book, which has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the peace and calm that can be found in the local park. Free delivery to all Newham residents.


John Gray said...

Hi anon

The allegations against LR are very, very different from Ken.

Hi Bob

how do I buy then?