Friday, September 10, 2010

John’s Labour Blog: No 2 (ish) Trade Union Blog 2010

"The horror! The horror! ...despite being toppled by them from Number 1 spot as (tongue firmly in cheek) “trade union blog of the year” I do offer (obviously insincere) congratulations to the new No 1 blog- ToUChstone!

See results here by the trade union supporting website TIGMOO (“This Great Movement Of Ours”) run by New Media wizard, John Woods. This is the forces of light and reason (aka British trade unions) answer to Total Politics and Tory Iain Dale’s “Annual Guide to Political Blogs”.

I’ve been No 1 for the past 2 years but alas this year...

1: ToUChstone (2)

The TUC‟s public policy group blog, offering current affairs comment by the organisation’s policy staffers and guest contributors. Having probably the largest blogging team of any union blog pays off in terms of content and readership.

2: John's Labour blog (1)

Finally deposed after two years at the TIGMOO top spot, this one-man blog by a UNISON convenor has a strong focus on Labour party activism through the UNISON Labour Link and on developments for union pension’s activists.

I had thought of asking John W for an affiliate block card vote to decide things but for some reason...anyway, inspired by Ultimate Big Brother I’ve emailed John to warn ToUChstone that - watch out comrades -this time next year ...I’m coming to get you!



Anonymous said...

well done comrade
excellent result

Anonymous said...

this must upset a few "comrades". the truth hurts?

Anonymous said...

00Congratulations John. The Touchstone blog is absolutely brilliant, but it does seem to have quite a team and substantial resources behind it. Maybe they ought to introduce a 'weighting' that recognises the 'solo' effort against the large organisations?
Keep up the good work.

John Gray said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Stop posting comments on your on blog, no one cares. Why are they al anonymous then?

John Gray said...

Hi anon

I love this - anon attacking others for being anon? Kettles and pots?

as they say - LOL!