Saturday, September 04, 2010

2nd ballot paper: Co-operative Party vote for London Mayor

 This morning I received my 2nd ballot paper.  This was was from the the Co-operative Party (London region) which is affiliated to London Labour Party.  Therefore I can vote again on who should be the Labour candidate for London Mayor 2012.

I voted (on-line) for Ken.  See why here

In the preamble I noticed you had to tick a box:-

"To ensure your vote is counted in this election, all members of affiliated organisations eligible to vote are required to agree the following pledge:

"I support the policies and principles of the Labour Party, and am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it and pay a political subscription to the body that issued this website."

Which I haven't noticed in previous elections. I assume if you want to vote you must support this.


modernity said...


You are a bit more Lefty than people give you credit for :)

John Gray said...

Hi Modernity

Today on this blog I have been called a "lefty" by you and a right wing t**t by some childish trot KH.

I must be doing something "right":) (pardon the pun)