Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Blair and Brown...Jon of the Rogers and Young Nick

 (this is an internal London UNISON thingy - enjoy or ignore) -  ..."The interesting thing is that the press have reacted to the story about the rift between Brown and Blair as it was something new.

Everyone knew they couldn't stand each other and they did not have a love hate relationship like the one myself and Jon of the Rogers had. In our case (and yes am bringing this back to me, me, me..) we had a clear division of labour and we worked well together.

I managed the branch on a day to day basis and Jon dealt with the 'revolution' so the lines of division were very clear and obvious and it worked well. We ended up disagreeing because I believed that a branch with 2,300 members had to be managed and some discipline was needed and he wanted a more liberal approach and a free for all, so at the end I left to allow him to do it his way and I wish him the best of luck..."

hat-tip Nick Venedi's blog


nick venedi said...

Hey John

I have started the 'lambeth Unison days diary' and will be publishing extracts soon on my blog.. all wil come out in the wash......

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Gray,
It seems your blog did not get voted into Socialist Unity's Worst 100 blog poll. This is disgraceful. Clearly you are losing your grip. Please slag off the Trots harder. Step it up, there's a good lad!

Anonymous said...

Rumours of his departure were somewhat premature?

John Gray said...

Hi Nick

Can't wait LOL!

Hi Mac

Bang out of order! I shall write to Andy forthwith and demand that my blog is included in the wreckers and splitters worst 100 blog poll:)

Hi Anon
What rumours?

Anonymous said...

Well as long as its not going to be a cover up!

Anonymous said...

They worked well together but Jr was weak and nv was impatient

Anonymous said...

So did Nick Venedi retire on the 55 year rule?

Like the picture on the article John, and love the blog! But got me thinking if there is an ET maybe you could have your own alter-ego. I was thinking Gollum. I know you have more hair, but you're pretty much in the same league looks wise (no offense)and you're very sneaky, in a good way of course!

John Gray said...

Hi Fan anon

It's the 85 year rule not 55! If he did he would have to be 60!

You ask him if he is 60 not me!!!

I don't really mind what people call me but but I would prefer Jack Aubrey.


nick venedi said...

Hi John

Always fascinates me to see how much interest anything we say attracts! lol... lets just say that if I was 60 I would look bloody good for it and would def be bottling and selling it! Its not like I only have one eyebrow like some people who put coments on here under anon? (I stopped publishing anon comments on my blog..) there are a lot 'egos landing' lately don't you think mate? If we were so boring then these morons would not be commenting or they would at least put their names on any comments like what we do! lol.. bless there are three suspects for this (one male one female one male with spot/clear skin problems..) but who cares!! lol, have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nick V and you Gray are right wing twats!

John Gray said...

Hey Nick

the posh boy red fascist "hooligans" are up to their Misogynistic tricks I see!

Anonymous said...

who are theses peoples?

Anonymous said...

childish pretend red bigots - don't bother about them too much. They will end betraying the working class as they all become Council bosses.

Anonymous said...


I don't think it's on to be criticising someone for theway they look - not very "equality" is it? How would you like it?

And I also don't think you should be giving airtime to Nick given its well known in Lambeth that he effectively sold his facility time back to the employer in exchange for enhanced redundancy!

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Don't be so silly. Also, while I wouldn't agree with everything Nick says or does there is no way he would "sell out" his principles.

Unlike you I suspect.

I think that Nick is right about exposing some of the pretty 'orrible people out there in ultra left fantasy land.

Anonymous said...

Funny how at the same time he left, half of Branch Secretary facility time simply evaporated without any other explanation at all...

You're probably right. No doubt just an administrative cock-up by Lambeth's Labour Council, given they are so pro-trade union etc.

Anonymous said...

Nick posted openly on his blog the reasons for him leaving.

However i thought the real reason he left was that he was just fed up being bullied and harassed by a tiny number of obsessive cultists such as anon.

Anon, by making such comments in this way it makes me think that you suffering from a profound personality disorder. I think you should seek help.