Wednesday, September 01, 2010

1st Labour Leadership and London Mayor Ballot Paper's

This evening I came home from work to find my first ballot papers for the national Labour Leadership and London Mayor.  Since I am a member of UNISON Labour Link and other affiliated Socialist societies I expect to receive others in the next few days.

I will actually vote "on-line" to save the Party money.

(I am not entirely sure whether these particular ballot papers are due to my Party membership or that of the Association of Labour Councillors?)

I am voting for Ed Miliband and Ken Livingstone.

I think Ed is the best candidate for the Labour Leadership since he recognises that the Party does need to change and evolve.  He supports a significant shift (in my view) in Party thinking. 

He believes that there is a positive role to be played by the state in the economy such as protection for agency workers, a real living wage and progressive taxation to really tackle the destructive inequity of income inequality. He is a traditional Labour Party social democratic socialist who is motivated by social justice not outdated factional politics who will attract our core vote while not scaring off the middle class horses.

The fact that Ed has been attacked by the left and the right (you know who I mean) has confirmed to me he is the best choice.

I will post on Ken and the reasons I support him for London Mayor tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

lets see if jon rogers follows your lead ????

John Gray said...

if he does then perhaps I have made the wrong ....


Anonymous said...


You have changed your tune on Ken Livingstone / Oona King... what's going on? The country needs to know!

John Gray said...

Hi anon

I was a little bit worried about Ken but after seeing him speak early this year at the London UNISON regional council and Congress House I think he is our best bet to take on the Boris and Cameron.

Anonymous said...


I think you are right. I also had certain reservations about Ken after what appeared to me somewhat arrogant behaviour at times in his last term in office. But I think he is far and away the best candidate and he certainly has my support. I think he could well win again. I'm also going to vote for him for the NEC. No one is perfect!