Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interviewed by Central China TV about "the Cuts"

This lunch time I was interviewed by a reporter from Central China TV about the impact that the cuts have had and will have on public services in the UK.

Central China TV is the major state television broadcaster in mainland China.

What was interesting (to me at least) was that an international Chinese TV Broadcaster is investigating issues involving poverty and deprivation in the UK when traditionally in "the West" we would consider ourselves to be the ones who should be sending TV crews to China to report on such issues. 

The interview itself and the questions asked were entirely professional and appropriate.

Apparently most news coverage in China about the UK is very positive and usually covers things such as technological advances and does not look at the darker side of our society.

I tried to be careful  in my answers and avoid slang or make any stereotypical assumptions.  Afterwards I did ask the reporter if I may have offended Chinese viewers by mentioning that in the UK, we often find that there is a crisis of overcrowding caused by different generations of families having to live together.  This is because grown up sons and daughters have nowhere else to go.  I was very gently put in my place when she replied that many Chinese may well want their extended family to live together or nearby but not in overcrowded conditions.

If the interview is used I may be able to get a web site link.

(the picture is taken outside Broderick House off Roman Road, E3 which I use to manage as a Housing Estate officer several years ago - I also learnt that in China instead of saying "cheese" when you take a photograph you say the Chinese equivalent for "aubergines")

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