Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kaschke loses Libel Appeal against Dave Osler

Another Tower Hamlets saga.  Self proclaimed “Party Shopper” Johanna Kaschke failed to get permission at the Royal Court of Justice (RCJ) today to appeal against her libel case being thrown out as an abuse of process.

Kaschke was trying to sue Dave for libel over a web post he did about her on his blog.  It was a completely ludicrous claim that should never have got before any court in the first place and should never have taken over 3 years to be dismissed.

One of her libel claims against Dave was that a commentator on his blog had described her as being "one cherry short of a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte".

Kaschke has exhausted the British judicial process but will no doubt continue to try and waste public funds on other pointless legal adventures.

I’ve just had a cheery conversation with Dave on the phone.  Much to my regret I was unable to be there in person.  He is in a pub (naturally) celebrating and about to go off to our favourite RCJ Indian restaurant for a meal.  Before going off to the AWL 70th anniversary “celebration” of Trotsky’s assassination! (or something like that?) A busy day.  My AWL invite must have been lost in the post.

Dave (Photo: on the left of course) thanks his top Solicitor-Advocate, Robert Dougans, (bottom of photo) and blogging solicitor David Allen Green (top - aka Jack of Kent).  No doubt Dave and David will post on today’s events in due course. 

Alex Hilton and I await the pleasure of Ms Kaschke company at the RCJ in a month or so as she seeks permission to appeal the judgment that her claim against us should also be thrown out. 

I can’t wait.

(pictures from Dave's partner Stroppy Bird who was herself libelled by Kaschke who keeps referring to her as Mrs Osler!!!!)


John Gray said...

Hi daggi - apologies but I have deleted some of your comments (email me for an explanation)


"She hasn't blogged about this yet (deleted) IT'S YOUR FAULT, YOU VERY BAD MAN INDEED -yesterday, so you haven't been forgotten yet). Perhaps she's getting ready to stand for Mayor..."

Nick Cohen said...

Well done comrade, the central committee will allow you a half of bitter and a bag of pork scratchings by way of celebration.

Anonymous said...


daggi said...

Well, ok, be careful when cut-and-pasting stuff or paraphrasing what 'some people' write...I can understand the reasoning behind you cutting that. I'm sure someone will have saved that blog entry should it be required for the future.,

John Gray said...

Love the cakes daggi:)

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