Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Don't delay - Vote Ed Miliband today"

I received this email yesterday from UNISON Labour Link. 

I am sure that many ballot papers will still be sitting unopened in the kitchen drawers of busy Party and trade union members. 

Check out "how to vote" and Ed's exclusive message to UNISON.


Bill said...

I nearly didn't get my ballot paper, due to moving house. Though, IO could have sworn I opted ou8t of the political levy, so I don't know how I got one. Must have a word with our membership secretary.

Anyway, I spoilt it and sent it back (though I lied and ticked the box saying I support Labour so it counted as a proper spoilt ballot).

"No Leaders! World Socialism!"

John Gray said...

Hi Bill

That is your right - but please don't hold your breath :)

Bill said...

Well, it's not my right, really, I'm a member of an organisation that is hostile to the Labour party, and yet I got a ballot, I think that procedurally that's a bit dubious.

The Labour Party entryists just don't seem to accept that such people are in the Union.

John Gray said...

Hi Bill

At some stage you must have chosen to be a labour party political levy payer. Therefore you have in principle the right to vote.

You are of course rather naughty by ticking the "I support Labour box" (when you don't) but I don't think that anyone is really bothered about a handful of spolit votes.

Who knows - stay a member and one day you may see the light!