Saturday, August 21, 2010

“Quite Right Mr Trotsky: Some Trotsky myths debunked...”

Quite Right Mr Trotsky: Some Trotsky myths debunked; and how Trotskyists today hamper the fight for peace and socialism” (1985).

For some reason or other I decided today to start rereading “Quite Right Mr Trotsky” by Denver Walker. This is sadly nowadays long out of print but you should be able to get a copy online or at a second hand book shop.

It is quite a controversial book – see here “...Denver Walker’s curious concoction of fact, falsehood and frivolity”

However, it seems that Comrade Lenin never thought that much of Comrade Trotsky (this feeling was replicated).

For example (page 8) May 1914 he is quoted as saying “A joke is the only way of responding mildly to Trotsky intolerable phrase mongering”.

So -  some things don’t change then.

I’ll post on the book as soon as I have finished. I am particularly interested in finding more about the Revolutionary Workers Party and their views on the certainty that ET must be a Trotskyite :)


Anonymous said...

Come on John.

there are two sides to every story!!



John Gray said...

Hi Ian
not if you are a true believer in Trotsky there isn't :)

Anonymous said...

i thought everyone knew that ET was the BS of Lambeth?

Anonymous said...

just celebrated a great anniversary

Viva Mexico

Sarah Evans said...

Just started reading it as part getting a better understanding of the far left's attitude to the EU... Great stuff!