Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Challenging Poverty in Changing Times"

This conference organised by the TUC unemployed workers centres looks like it will be well worth a visit if possible. I would have thought that "Challenging Poverty in Bloody Awful Times" would have been a more accurate but less diplomatic title.

The speaker list is "interesting".  The Comprehensive Spending Review will be published (I think on the 20th October) a few days latter.

Will Simon Hughes turn out to be a progressive or a conservative - a Lib Dem or a CONDEM MP?

How will he respond to the likely outcomes of the morning workshops?

How will the TUC, its affiliated trade unions, Unemployed worker centres and NGO's work together?  I don't think as a rule trade unions and NGO's really understand each other that well.

Is this about organising campaigning and opposition to "cuts" or is it about trying to influence and change policy?

I think we need to do both.

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Anonymous said...

Milburn should be expelled from the Labour Party
along with the rest of the Continuity SDP

why do we tolerate Field, Hoon, Hoey, Milburn etc

they are working for Vichy England

Supporter and loyal Labour Party and John Gray Blog