Monday, August 09, 2010

Shappi Khorsandi at the Edinburgh Fringe

Last night I saw live (for the first time) the Iranian born stand up comedian Shappi Khorsandi. The performance was sold out. It was a very much a “political” show but also featured her recent experience of marital breakup and divorce. Which I think the audience generally found uncomfortable at times and they much preferred the stories of casual racism and middle class ignorance that Shappi has come across in her life.

Shappi's family had to flee Iran because her father, an respected Iranian poet, was accused by the regime of being “an enemy of Islam”. On one level it is deeply ironic that Iran the cradle and birthplace of civilisation is now run by a despotic government of ignoramuses.

I am reliably informed by Wikipedia that she is a Labour Party supporter.

The show was very, very funny. Some things didn’t quite “work out on the night” but we are all spoilt by flawless TV editing and for over an hour she had the audience eating out of her hand.

Picture is a screenshot of her festival web page since I asked beforehand if I could take photos and was told “no” by a member of the stage crew. Sitting in the front row was probably a bit of a mistake since Shappi asked that the hapless would-be-photographer identify himself - and she of course immediately started to gently embarrass me.

Equally be aware if you are intending to go and see her and you are a single male with a symmetrically face:)


Anonymous said...

Cllr Gray, How does middle class ignorance differ from that shown by the working and upper classes?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
Please see the “About John’s Labour blog” section on the front page about how this blog is in my personal capacity only (if you read it out loud it may help you understand it better?)

All expressions of ignorance and bigotry are loathsome regardless of your class. However, the sanctimonious superiority by some of the so-called “educated” middle classes takes the proverbial biscuit.


Anonymous said...

You clearly identify yourself as a labour councillor and no amount of witless sarcasm on your part will change this. Your standards committee will doubtless set you straight before too long.

IMO :)

John Gray said...

Hi anon

Oh dear, oh dear. I appear to have upset you.

But which part of "These are my own views expressed in my personal capacity only" don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

john, why in newham are the opposition to labour so rubbish? i don't support labour but these people are just pathetic. not in our name. grow up.