Monday, August 09, 2010

One of the Same - Tories and Lib Dems

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Anonymous said...

Mark Pack


"Politics isn't about winning elections, it's about implementing policy – and Liberal Democrat ministers are getting to do that day in, day out regardless of what that week's opinion polls say. Winning elections certainly also helps in politics, but with the next general election years away, national voting intention questions don't mean very much this far out."

Anonymous said...

Huhne’s Park Communications Confusion

The Sunlight Centre for Open Politics has been sniffing around Chris Huhne’s election expenses and despite asking very nicely, they are not getting any reply from him. Now Guido knows the multi-millionaire gold-mining, horizontal jogging Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment has other things on his mind, but it appears there are some serious questions involving some interesting invoicing practices, possibly designed to hide the true cost of printing.

You can read some of the background to the Sunlight Centre’s investigation here, but essentially the invoices for Huhne’s leaflets are from the “Itchen Valley Printing Society”, who mysteriously share his constituency office. The produced material however was in reality printed by Park Communications Limited. Park is an interesting organisation that is very, very close to the Liberal Democrats – their chief exec hosts events with the head of the LibDem campaigns department. Through various holding accounts, the money it makes from a host of LibDem candidates ends up offshore in Guernsey.

Perhaps if Chris Huhne could find a moment over the weekend he might want to clear this little matter up. Or maybe he would like to go on Channel4 News and chat about it with Jon Snow…

John Gray said...

Hi anon

Many thanks. I know people can google the quotes but could you put links if possible?

Anonymous said...

john, why in newham are the opposition to labour so rubbish? i don't support labour but these people are just pathetic. not in our name. they should grow up.