Friday, August 20, 2010

"Never was so much owed by so many to so few"

The 70th "anniversary" of the Battle of Britain was marked today by a reading of the famous Churchill "few" speech by actor Robert Hardy in Whitehall. 

Hearing his stirring words were actual veterans of the conflict and (Newham born) Dame Vera Lynn.

This was followed by a flypast by  Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes.

If it was not for their incredible bravery and self sacrifice of the (whole) RAF at this time it would have been very likely that we would have been defeated in the Second world war and would all been subject to Nazi rule.

I hope all members of the Nazi BNP feel deeply ashamed of themselves on such a day.

Equally those cowardly armchair warriors on the ultra left who sneer on those who actually had the courage to put themselves in harms way and actually fight fascism.

Two sides of the same debased coin.


Anonymous said...

Lets remember also the aircrews and support staff from the occupied Europe and the Commonwealth
Cezh,Polish,Australian,Canadian,Ireland,New Zealand,South Africa,Zimbawie,Jamaica etc

we salute you Comrades in the great anti fascist war

John Gray said...

well said anon

Anonymous said...

London Blitz anniversary in September

whats Newham Council doing

Anonymous said...

And Trotsky was removed on the same day too.

A double celebration and victory for progress all round.

Anonymous said...

viva mexico