Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Two Tier Code will be mourned by some but welcomed by many" (pass the sic bag)

I have just come across a briefing by  - let us say a "progressive (sic?) international law firm" (mum's the word).

In this briefing these fine "progressives" were dribbling at what they believe to be the immediate prospect that this CONDEM government will soon abolish regulatory guidance on the "Two Tier Code" on out sourced public services.

This code was introduced after negotiations between the Labour Party and affiliated trade unions in 2004 (and improved in later agreements). 

The aim was to protect the terms and conditions of existing public sector staff who were transferred and that of new entrants.  Particularly with regard to pensions.  Now, the "code" was far from perfect but it did help protect against a race to the gutter by employers.  Protecting predominantly low paid female workers against "slash and burn" of their already basic terms.  It was especially important in trying to prevent employers taking on new staff on rubbish terms and no pension.

Let us be perfectly clear - if the "code" is abolished this will mean existing staff protections will be undermined and most new entrants will be on National minimum wage (NMW) with no sick pay, no pension and minimum holidays.  Effectively this means poverty labour.

Now, thinking about the title of this post - who who exactly are the "many" that these progressives think will "welcome" the demise of the "Two Tier Code"?  Will it be the hundreds of thousands of workers likely be actually affected who will be the ones jumping up and down in joy at the prospect of a whole £5.80 per hour (if over 22)?  Or will it be "progressive international lawyers" who charge more per hour on such contracts than the NMW pays in a week?  

I know, I's a tough question to answer....


Anonymous said...

see tory tax payers alliance stillhave said nothing about Eric pickles new £70 special adapted Jag replacing a perfectly acceptable Lexus as ministerial car

also quite of Tory Westminister Councilsponsoring Tory party conference

maybe because the Tory Tax payers Avoidance is just a Tory front,paid for by millionaires whodont pay taxes in the UK

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

What evidence have you for such an assertion? (apart form the bleeding obvious that is)