Monday, April 29, 2013

Hands Off our Union! Stop the hijacking of our democracy

(Guest Post from Toni Collins). UNISON branches from across the country are reporting that local members of the Socialist Party and Socialist Workers Party - who are not members of UNISON and in some cases active members of the NUT, PCS and Unite - are leafleting workplaces in support of the so called "reclaim our union slate".

Whilst there is some logic in these actions - given that most candidates on the list are members of the SWP/SP even though it is fronted and held together by sycophantic patsies who are Labour Party members - their involvement is undemocratic and an unacceptable interference in UNISON's democracy.

Here's where those two organisations stand on the NEC elections and no UNISON member should be under illusion that it is the SWP/SP who are out to claim our union. It is time this blatant hijacking of our democracy is stopped once and for all and the election rules are revised to stop interference by outside organisations:
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