Monday, October 03, 2011

Visit to Olympic Park - September 2011

Two weeks ago I went on a visit with fellow Newham Councillors and officers to the 2012 Olympic Park and to the new Stadium (see photo).  This was my first visit to the site.  The Stadium is of course spectacular, as are the other sport facilities, the Olympic village and Westfield.  What I hadn't quite realised beforehand was how extensive the parkland will be - all the trees, the plants and the cleaned up rivers.

For many, many years I use to cycle or run into work in Bow through this same area.  There was a ugly and dirty industrial estate, eyesore electric pylons, car scrap yards protected by vicious barking dogs and huge mounds of dumped rubbish and fly tips.  The contrast with today's Queen Elizabeth Park is incredible. 

While it is not going solve all our problems, the Park is a fantastic legacy for our Borough and the whole East End of London.

I'll post the other pictures I took that day on Facebook - check this link.
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