Saturday, October 01, 2011

Europe tells Kaschke to go forth....

In March this year I posted here that the British Court of Appeal had finally thrown out the libel accusations against Labour Bloggers Alex Hilton, Dave Osler and myself made by Tower Hamlets Labour/Respect/Communist/ Conservative Party member, Johanna Kaschke. 

I have made it clear at the time that I think this has been a ludicrous waste of time, trouble and vast amounts of public money that was allowed to continue for four years despite having "no merit whatsoever"

Many thanks yet again to top lawyers Robert Dougans, David Allen Green (Jack of Kent) and former members of the CCCP Young Pioneers, for their outstanding help and support. Also last but not least thanks to Stroppy and Montrose.

Recently Ms Kaschke has announced that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) have  rejected her appeal against the British Court's decision.  I am not sure which of the many appeals to the ECHR she said she would lodge have been rejected.  However, I assume that this matter is now finally finished. Ms Kaschke is of course busy blaming everyone else except herself for this outcome.

I thought to celebrate this occasion I should play this video recording of defendant Dave Osler at the Royal Court of Justice and his magnificent opening argument before Lord Justice Eady.  Luckily Robert and David were later able to rescue his defence.  Or so I am told.
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