Saturday, April 17, 2010

West Ham General Election Labour Party Stall in Stratford High Street

We had our regular West Ham Labour Party stall with our Parliamentary candidate Lyn Brown outside the entrance of Stratford shopping centre this morning under lovely sunshine and blue skies.

The Labour red balloons went down very well with the young children but there was definitely more interest by the parents in what is going on politically. Labour affiliated trade union ASDAW had sent us “We’re voting Labour” lapel stickers which went down very well with the adults. We also had a good stock of leaflets from across the borough (and Limehouse and Poplar!) which were also well received.

We had probably our best ever number of people asking for information on how to join, how to take part in the campaign and who wanted Labour Party window posters.

We even had a fan club of real live Tories next to us handing out their leaflets! Apparently some of them from outside Newham were a little shocked at the rude comments they got from some of the passer byers.

Check out the bottom left photo in the main picture college. I swear this story is true. An elderly lady was walking past our stall slowly pushing her shopping trolley. She had the Conservatives leaflets placed on top of the trolley. As she went by I said “don’t you want a Labour leaflet as well as that mob”? She stopped and asked me “who are those leaflets on my trolley from then? I said “they are Tory leaflets”. She stopped, shook her head, then slowly with a broad smile on her face picked up the Tory leaflets, crunched them up and threw them on the floor. She took a leaflet from me and carried on her way.

I of course quickly picked the leaflets up and deposited them in a nearby bin (after taking a photo).