Saturday, April 10, 2010

Superheroes at Green Street Stall.

A busy West Ham Labour Party campaigning day started with a hectic stall in Green Street. Members were also sent to go “on the knocker” to nearby Green Street West Ward.

I grabbed a photo-opportunity from a roaming (non-political) publicity team who were promoting the nearby Queens Market which is now opening on a Sunday. Forest Gate North Councillor Shama Ahmad was most impressed (left of bottom picture).

During the day there was a large number of Labour canvass teams carrying out voter identification and leaflet distribution across Newham.

Some Party members did go off after the stall to the “Protect our welfare state and Public Services” demo which I understand went really well. Things will not be totally sweetness and light with regards to public services when Labour is re-elected but if the Tories were to win they would out of sheer ideological conviction and spite - slash, burn and destory our welfare state and public services. IMO.

This is clear red water for anyone who depends upon or cares about the welfare state and public services.

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