Thursday, April 15, 2010

Greater London UNISON “Community” Service Group Elections 2010

This is my ballot paper which was delivered to my home address yesterday. Guess who I voted for!

Pity about the “Female Seat” ...but it is after all the “General Seat”.

Just place one cross against “John GRAY” put it in the pre-paid envelope and post!

Don’t forget about Peter Daley and Margaret Back for London Local Government SGE elections: Mike Davy and Monica Hirst for London Health SGE.

Ballot finished 5pm Friday 14 May but if you don’t vote within a few days of receiving it you will lose it in the kitchen drawer with all the rest of non-urgent mail.

Let people know in your workplace you voted for sensible and moderate left of centre candidates! aka the forces of "light and reason":)
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