Thursday, January 12, 2023

Nominate Sonya Howard, Eddie Brand, Anu Prashar and Abiola Kusoro- your UNISON NEC team for London

As a UNISON London lay activist I can personally recommend all of these candidates seeking nomination as UNISON NEC reps (and was even out on the picket line with Eddie at the LAS branch secretary yesterday). They are all experienced, competent and tough trade unionists (with heart and passion). What more can you ask for?

Please get your branch to nominate all of them.

Dear Branch Secretary and Branch Committee,

We are asking your branch to consider nominating Eddie Brand, Sonya Howard, Anu Prashar and Abiola Kusoro for the Greater London NEC seats.

We are standing because we believe UNISON needs to better represent workers like you and your members and if elected, we pledge to:

  • Put London First - We will represent every one of the 130,000 UNISON members across London and make sure that those issues that matter most to our diverse, independent and dedicated London members and branches.
  • Stand United and Reject Division - We will work with, and support, Christina McAnea, the elected General Secretary to deliver for all members. This year’s NDC showed that what matters most to us, our branches and our members is working for positive, progressive change in our union - not pettiness and protecting individuals.
  • Make sure everyone has a voice in UNISON - UNISON Greater London has over 80% Women and over 20% Black members with a diverse workforce across Health, Local Government, Higher & Further Education, Community and Energy, Electricity, Water and Transport. UNISON must represent all members and the NEC should be led by those that do.
  • Tackle the Cost of Living Crisis - Through winnable & strategic pay campaigns in every service group, increasing the pressure on this disgraceful government through meaningful industrial action, and increasing resources for local branch campaigns & initiatives, we promise to lead our members out of this crisis and put money in their pockets.

I have attached our more individual information about us all, and ask that you circulate this to your committee.

If you require any further information please let me know, and if you could let me know when your branch is meeting to make the decision.

In solidarity,

 Anu, Eddie, Abiola, Sonya

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