Sunday, January 08, 2023

I Support Workers on Strike


"John -

Next week, Ambulance workers will be back on the picket line after their calls for fair pay and safe working conditions went unanswered. The week after, Environment Agency members will be striking for the first time in history. Thousands more members across UNISON are being balloted or will be taking industrial action in the coming weeks. 
Can you show your support for striking UNISON members by posting on Twitter before the first strikes begin next week? Let them know they are not alone in this struggle.

Tweet my support




We have been calling on the Conservative government at Westminster to meet with us to talk about pay and find a way to resolve these disputes.
I hope you will show your support for workers who have made the tough decision to walk out. Send a Tweet now to show them they have our full support.
We stand with all workers taking action, and I hope you will too. 
In solidarity,
Christina McAnea
UNISON general secretary 


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