Sunday, January 29, 2023

London Labour Conference 23 - Day 2

From my twitter feed as UNISON Labour Link Delegate lead.

John Gray @grayee Start of day 2 of @LondonLabour conference. 9.10am start with opening remarks by Chair Maggi Ferncombe @unisontheunion

John Gray 
@grayee Proud to have proposed to @LondonLabour conference our motion on the Cost of Living Crisis. On behalf of @unisontheunion #LabourLink the political wing of the largest & best union in London

Rishi Patel @rishi175 ‘The worst day under a Labour government is never as bad as the best day under a Tory one’ great to hear from @grayee @unisonglr at day 2 of London Labour Conference 

Well said Carleene in support of UNISON motion Carleene Lee-Phakoe @cleephakoe "I spoke at #LonLab23, in support of the Cost of Living Motion. The Tory Cost of living crisis has hit the poorest the hardest. Today we said “enough is enough” @GMBLondonRegion are proud to stand in solidarity with those who have been hit hardest by this failing Tory Govt! 

Lloyd Duddridge @DuddridgeLloyd Great to see Ilford North legend Stephen representing
@UsdawUnion on the @LondonLabour conference stage on how we need framework on workers rights that faces the future.

Adam Hug @AdamHug Delighted that @wminsterlabour won the campaign of the year at the
@LondonLabour Merit Awards. Couldn’t have done it without our amazing cllrs, candidates, organisers @dgoodwinhotline @RosaElson1 and agents Andy Whitley @MargaretLynch06 Connor Jones and Jacqueline Bore

John Gray @grayee My @UnisonHAB colleague @JoeOgundemuren as his CLP delegate seconds
@UsdawUnion motion on automation @LondonLabour. Love his getting everyone on his feet for unions!

Anu did a great job as Chair. Thank you Deirdre Costigan @deirdrecostigan Proud of Anu Prashar from @unisontheunion who chaired this morning's debate at @LondonLabour conference. @anuox #LonLab23

Final speaker at @LondonLabour conference future @LabourParty SoS @wesstreeting "the Tories will not be able to fix the NHS that they broke" "Compare last 13 years of Tories with last 13 years of Labour Government" "over my dead body will we charge you to see your doctor" @unisontheunion #LabourLink

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