Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The blood donor

Yesterday I gave blood at the NHS centre in Stratford Westfield, for the first time in many years. When I was younger, I use to donate on a regular basis but for various superficial reasons, I fell out of the habit. There was a national appeal in November for blood which got me to sign up again here

I have type  O Negative (I still have my TA British Army "dog tags" with it marked) which I believe is a "universal" blood which could be given to anyone who needs red blood cells. 

There was a little bit of fuss signing up online and my first appointment was cancelled due to staff shortages but yesterday went very smoothly. The centre was warm, bright and spacious, with relaxing  background music. Staff were very friendly and professional. I had to repeat my name, address and post code about 10 times but I understand the need to identify who is giving blood. I felt a slight "prick" at the start but no pain at all during or after. 

We were then advised to drink squash, then eat sweet and salty treats afterwards. I had crisps, kit kat and popcorn. Not very keto but I understand that each donation is worth 650 kals so can afford some cheats. After a short rest I was able to leave with no apparent side effects and apart from some slight painless bruising on arm I have had (touch wood) no problems whatsoever. 

Roll on next session in 3 months time. 

Check out Hancock "The Blood Donor" A very early David Brent type character . I can remember laughing like a drain while watching with my family as a child back in the day. I promise you that today's blood donor experience is very different.

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