Thursday, January 19, 2023

Lyn Brown MP Chairs Olympic Village public meeting with Residents and Police

I attended a pretty good meeting this evening in the Stratford Olympic Village with my MP, Lyn Brown, local residents and Police. I am not a local Councillor for this ward (Cllr Nate Higgins was there together with a number of Labour activists who do live in the ward) but I am Lyn's Parliamentary Agent and both as a Councillor and professionally (I work as a tenancy specialist dealing with complex ASB) I am very interested in learning more about effective Neighbourhood Policing. 

I was impressed at the range and scale of Police operations in the area. I think that I have got this right, that due in part to these operations, there has been a reduction in crime in Newham at the same time that crime in London is rising. 

The relatively new Borough Commander,Simon Crick, spoke about how the Police are not that good about communications and telling residents what they are doing and their successes. 

I totally agree and after the meeting I spoke to the local West Ham ward SNT Sargeant about arranging a similar meeting for my residents.  

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