Sunday, January 22, 2023

Chiltern Society: Ayot St Lawrence Walk

Yesterday, Gill and I drove to Kimpton in Hertfordshire, to start this "moderate" 6 mile circular walk. The weather was marvellous, cold but with bright sunshine. For a weekend Chilterns walk we hardly saw anyone. Early on we did pass the rather elderly couple (in the photograph) who were walking hand in hand as if young lovers...and why not!

I found this walk for free via the ordnance survey app (monthly fee £4.99 while annual currently £20.29) but it was originally published by the Chiltern Society Which I have now ordered a copy.

Lots of green paths, frost, mud and rolling countryside. You pass the ruined Ayot St Lawrence church (destroyed by a slave owner landowner, since it apparently spoilt his view from his manor house). Also, the home of playwright George Bernard Shaw, which is now owned by the National Trust but closed until the spring. 

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