Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Appointed Chair of Newham Pension Committee


On Monday it was formally announced at our Full Council meeting that I had been appointed as Chair of the Newham Council Pension Committee. The Newham Pension fund has around £1.7 billion in investments and is responsible for the pension futures of 29,082 members (including 18 pensioners who are over 100 years old).

If we get our investments strategies wrong this is a huge financial risk to Newham Council but the fund currently is in good shape despite grave economic uncertainty. 

I have been on the pension committee since 2010 and this is my second appointment as its Chair. 

Many thanks to Executive Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz, for her trust and confidence and the kind comments of former Chair, Cllr Rohit Das Gupta, Councillor colleagues and officers. 

I am a passionate believer in decent pensions for all. Watch this space.  

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