Sunday, September 04, 2022

"Mum quits NHS pension to pay soaring bills before dying leaving orphaned kids penniless"

Hat tip Daily Mirror on this awful story of NHS Cleaner Judith Thorpe, who cancelled her pension due to rising bills and then later died from Covid last month. She was a widow supporting her 16 and 13 year old children.

Since she cancelled her pension to pay the bills, this meant that her children lost out on its life assurance (and also a possible monthly payment until they finish full time education).  

Many workers do not realise that their pension also provides life assurance and with public sector pensions, income protection for dependents. 

Low pay and high inflation will mean many workers will be tempted to cancel their pensions but I always urge union members to be aware of possible consequences. 

In the local government pension scheme, it is possible to reduce your contributions by 50% but still retain full life assurance benefits (but obviously your income when you retire is reduced). This is a last resort but if you have no choice but to reduce outgoings then this is something to think about. 

We so desperately need a Labour Government in power to protect people from such misery. 

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