Saturday, September 17, 2022

Nesil and Tudor for Labour Party NEC


Last week I finally got around to voting on line in the Labour Party elections for Councillor representatives on our National Executive Council (NEC). 

More than happy to vote for and endorse Nesil (Long standing London UNISON member) and Tudor. 

Check out their website here

"Dear John,

The main ballot for this year's Labour Party internal elections has now concluded. However, members of the Association of Labour Councillors, directly elected mayors, and Police & Crime Commissioners are eligible to elect a further two representatives to the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Please click here to vote. Once you've logged in you will be able to read the candidates' statements so you can see who they are, what they stand for, and what their ideas for the future are. Voting is easy - just a few clicks.

The NEC is the governing body of the Labour Party. It sets strategic objectives on an annual basis and meets regularly to review the work of the party alongside Keir and Angela.

Voting closes at noon on Thursday 22 September. You will not be able to cast your ballot after this time.

I would like to thank every candidate who has put themselves forward. Our Party is enriched by people stepping up, and it's been great to see such a good-natured campaign so far so
please do have a look at the candidates who have worked so hard in this election.

Yours sincerely

David Evans
General Secretary


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