Friday, September 09, 2022

Goodbye and thank you Queen Elizabeth

Yesterday I was driving from London to North Wales, due to a family medical emergency (my Mum) when I heard the news that the Queen was unwell and that members of her immediate family had been called to her bedside in Balmoral, Scotland.
When I heard about the disruption to Parliamentary business caused by the news of her ill health, I thought this was very serious and maybe she had already passed away.
I also thought that maybe, the call for my family members to rush to a North Wales A&E meant a similar outcome for my mother.
However, my 81 year old Mum, although still very poorly, has so far responded well to fantastic NHS medical attention and treatment, while of course, our 96 year old Queen, sadly passed away.
As a convinced republican, I do not believe in a hereditary monarch being our Head of State, but I have nothing but respect for Queen Elizabeth. A dedicated, tireless public servant, who has served this nation for at least the last 70 years.
The picture below is a famous one, which is the earliest memory I have of the late Queen. I cannot remember, where or when I first saw it.
While I wish that the great British Public will some time in the future, decide not to inflict the huge pressures of becoming head of state on the royal family, there seems little or no likelihood of this happening any time soon.
So, I wish our future King Charles 111, my condolences on his very sad loss, good luck and all the best for the future as our King and head of state (while if he changes his mind about the role of the monarchy, then give us a bell)

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