Thursday, September 15, 2022

Covid Booster and Flu Jabs


Today I had my Covid vaccination booster (my 4th jab) in my right arm and a flu jab in my left. This was following a text to my phone asking me to book an appointment. 

So far, no side effects. 

This was at my local GP practice and I did question why I was being offered a Covid booster so soon (age 59 and no underlying health conditions) but was told "we have the vaccines so lets use them". Which seems fair enough. 

While in the very short queue for the jab. I did notice the plaque on the wall of the practice, remembering my GP, Doctor Yusuf Patel, who had looked after me since 1993. 

He sadly died of Covid related ill health in 2020. 

Maybe this is one reason why the practice is being so pro active about booster vaccinations. 

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