Monday, November 15, 2021

Standing as a Labour and Co-operative Candidate in May 2022

Hat tip to Neil Wilson our Newham secretary, Co-op Party from London Region.

Standing as a Labour & Co-operative candidate

We are really keen to ensure we maintain a large number of Labour & Co-operative councillors following the local elections next year. We are working with our new regional organiser, John Cook, to help make this happen. Here are some things we're asking branches to do:

- Encourage any sitting Labour & Co-operative Councillors who are re-standing to get in touch with the National Party if they wish to re-stand as Labour & Co-operative. This is not an automatic process - candidates need to seek endorsement of the Co-operative Party even if they were elected on the joint ticket last time around. They can do this by signing up to the Candidate Development Programme.


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