Monday, November 01, 2021

Solidarity Telecanvassing Little Ilford & Marked Register Training in St John's

A busy day on Saturday. I joined a virtual (using Labour Party dialogue software) telecanvassing session in Little Ilford in the morning from home (now up to 1299 calls for this year). 

Ironically I had to deal with a problem that my broad band provider was blocking "dialogue" from connecting  to me so I had to register the number on my telephone number "safe list". I  imagine this may explain why some members cannot use this telecanvass service.

In the afternoon I joined colleagues for a training event in a hired room in St John's Church Stratford, on entering election data from the "marked register" (a photocopy sheet which shows if a ballot paper was issued to a resident at a polling station during a recent election). 

This information has to be uploaded manually, which is a pain but it is really important to know who actually votes in elections. This information obviously does not disclose how they voted and is open to all political parties (who have to pay for this data). 

I am hoping that this training will be made available to Labour Party activists across Newham. 

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