Monday, November 08, 2021

Just booked my Covid booster jab

I have just booked my booster jab on line. It took me about 5 minutes and all your need is to be registered with a GP, your NHS number (but if don't have it you can still register but takes slightly longer), your date of birth and post code. 

There are walk-in clinics available for those who are NOT registered with a GP

Since I am over 50 (yes, I know you don't believe it) you can book in advance of the 6 month "milestone" anniversary of when you had your 2nd jab. 

But you still have to wait for the actual milestone to actually get the booster jab.

At the moment there was a very large number of local slots to choose from. I was able to book a local chemist at a time that suits me on the actual 6 month anniversary day. 

This may not last so get booking. 

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