Sunday, November 21, 2021

Double vaccinated and booster jabbed


This morning I got my Covid booster jab at my local chemist. I had booked an appointment (as over 50) here

The jab was on time and I did not actually feel any tenderness during the injection. No doubt there will probably be some tenderness tomorrow or other minor side effects but so far so good. Many thanks to Woodgrange Pharmacy Forest Gate for their polite and efficient service. I understand it also offers a "walk in" service for those eligible. 

Check out your local "walk in" facility here

I fully accept that I may experience side effects from this jab. I understand the concern expressed by some that the Covid vaccines were brought in comparatively very quickly compared with other vaccines and that I may still catch and suffer from Covid despite all these vaccinations. 

However, I am satisfied that the risk of any serious side effects are tiny when compared to risk of catching Covid. That there has been sufficient independent and expert research into the safety of these vaccines. 

Research has shown that by being fully vaccinated I am less likely to catch Covid, to suffer serious illness or death and to spread the disease to my friends, colleagues and loved ones. 

Check out this British Heart Foundation website advice which I thought was independent and authoritative

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Anon said...

As far as I am concerned, vaccination programme has a been a failure. It has n't stopped people catching Covid. It has n't stopped those who are vaccinated passing it on to others. We currently have 40,000 cases PER DAY. That number is an underestimate, as many people would do home testing (lateral), rather then a PCR test. If you do a home test, why have the hassle of doing a PCR test.

If the vaccine worked, then we would have a level of herd immunity. It would have given vaccine skeptics cause to change their minds.

I know of a number of people who are ill at home with COVID. They were double vaccinated. Yet at the same time there are people who are double vaccinated, never caught COVID and are painting the town red.

How many times have you heard "I got vaccinated and then soon after caught COVID". If you behaviour and daily routine was the same, as it was before being vaccinated. So why did they catch it?

> That there has been sufficient independent and expert research into the safety of these vaccines.

That is n't a valid claim. These vaccines may be safe in the short term. However, there has been no long term study.

On LBC, a British cardiologist came on and he referred to a 'pre-press' scientific paper by an American heart doctors (I forget the name), which said there has been an increase of cases of myocarditis and pericarditis following vaccination with both Pfizer and Moderna.

At least six professional football players are known to have collapsed on the pitch in the last six months. The Duke of Edinburgh died one month after vaccination (coincidence?)
(You can listen to the doctor. Incidentally, his father passed away of a heart attack).

The above doctor, also pointed that research at Universities is being paid for by private companies. No academic (or university) is going to rock the boat, if it harms their funding.

When you have billionaire foundation funding vaccine programmes, owning stock in big pharma, funding media, you have to worry.....

Whilst in China, they has 23 cases of COVID for 27 November.

People who also say COVID is like the flu and minor are also wrong. Even those who recover, have long health problems / needs.

There needs to be a re-evaluation of where we go.