Friday, June 26, 2020

Newham Rough Sleeper (Mini) Street Count June 2020

Pictures from last night's Newham Rough Sleeping (mini) Street count with Councillors, Council officers and 3rd sector partners going out during the night to count how many rough sleepers there are. Usually this is done every two months.

Due to COVID19 only 4 teams of 2 people were sent out however, we visited 43 sites that have recent reports or historically associated with rough sleeping in Newham (and also there were central staff doing safety checks and gathering stats).

We met up in a local hotel that the Council has block booked to house and support rough sleepers. We took bottled water and sun cream to hand out (it has been very hot lately)

My team toured Manor Park and East Ham and "only" met 1 person sleeping on the streets! (S/he is well known to outreach workers and they are trying to support).

I am not sure if we can publish the actual figures yet from last nights count but it is no secret that it will be definitely and dramatically down from Pre covid times and the decision by the government to get "everyone in" into accommodation and off the streets

This shows what can he done if you have the will and the resources but we need our Government to commit further money & humane changes to the "No Recourse to Public Funds" (NRPF) rules to get rid of the blight in our society of vulnerable people sleeping on our streets. 

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