Monday, June 08, 2020

"Making our streets better for social distancing, walking and cycling..."

Check out the interactive survey launched today by Newham Council

"We want to hear your ideas for making our streets better for social distancing, walking and cycling.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, current Government advice is that public transport should be avoided unless absolutely necessary, and with over 50% of Newham households not owning a car, we need to make sure that walking and cycling is a safe and attractive option.

Newham also has the largest number of deaths attributable to poor air quality and encouraging more residents to walk and cycle, instead of private vehicles, will also help reduce air pollution.

Make suggestions on the map for wider pavements, new or better crossing points, reducing speeds and traffic volumes, changes to cycle routes or any other changes to support with social distancing, walking and cycling

I have been a keen cyclist and walker in Newham (and beyond) for many years. Today I cycled from Forest Gate 5.08 miles into Newham Dockside in 30 minutes and then this evening 4.36 miles back in 27 minutes (slow but not that much faster if I drove during rush hour). 

Cycling through West Ham Park, the Greenway and Beckton Park was really enjoyable. While cycling back along Tollgate Road, Prince Regent Lane and Plaistow High Street wasn't that great. 

So if you have any ideas about how to make our streets safer then click on the interactive survey and let Newham Council know. 

By coincidence as a Councillor I have had casework recently from residents wanting to increase the number of cycle hangers (secure storage cages on our roads). So as well as using the interactive survey to indicate areas which need more hangers, email with your location and ask for more (and encourage your neighbours to do so as well) 

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