Friday, June 12, 2020

Annual National Health Service (NHS) Day petition

What a great idea - I have signed the petition

"We want an annual National Health Service (NHS) Day to celebrate and honour our brilliant health care system and the expertise, efforts and the unconditional, selfless commitment of it's staff.
We want to raise the profile of our NHS and come together to celebrate annually the tremendous work our NHS is doing in providing patient care and saving lives
We also want this day to be a tribute to staff for their outstanding, dedicated and exceptional service whilst working in the NHS and those who have sadly lost their lives working on the frontline because their sacrifices must not be forgotten.
An annual NHS Day will help applaud, celebrate, appreciate and thank our NHS - something which has been very long overdue!
An NHS Day will provide a platform for people to fund raise in their own personal ways to help support and protect our NHS.
With the coronavirus UK death toll passing 29,000 and new cases over 4000, this highlights the significant pressure our NHS is under and the risks and dangers NHS staff are exposed to.
These sacrifices being made by staff during this war against Covid 19 need to be recognised and appreciated and an annual NHS Day would a step in the right direction".

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