Wednesday, June 03, 2020

In memory of George Floyd and in solidarity with those standing up against racism and injustice

"Last night, Labour authorities all over Britain lit up buildings with purple lights in memory of George Floyd and in solidarity with those standing up against racism and injustice".  hat tip Labour Party tweet

Check out Newham Town Hall, Newham Dockside and Stratford Town Hall (not show in tweet)


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Labour Party will now condemn the violence towards the police shown in London last night John?

John Gray said...

Yep, it also undermines the anti racist message

Anonymous said...

14 police officers injured, one with a collapsed lung and broken ribs. What's Sadiq's take on this...he's a bit quiet?

John Gray said...

Anonymous said...

I find the BLM protest frustrating. All caution over the virus has been thrown out of the window. There is a lack of social distancing among protesters.

They risk infecting themselves and others. In turn risk infecting key workers such as those who work in supermarkets, post offices, banks etc... Unlike the rest of the population, they don't have a choice about going to work.

It would be interesting to see any spike in cases.

If they get sick, it will be NHS lives at risk.

John Gray said...


"limp wristed" - wtf is wrong with you? All troll comments will be deleted

Anonymous said...

He die of a Fentanyl & Meth overdose. He had major health problems (and Covid) according to the autopsy. 7,000 American black men were killed by fellow black men in 2019. More than thirty people have died in the riots caused by inflammatory politicians and the media including black grandfather David Dorn who was shot in cold blood protecting his friend's shop. Newham has a problem with youth being stabbed by fellow members of the same community NOT racism. Why must the left spread chaos and racial division based on bigoted lies? Why must left wing politicians win votes by race-baiting?

John Gray said...

"What did the autopsy results reveal? The attorney for George Floyd's family, Benjamin Crump, said an independent autopsy "determined that asphyxiation from sustained pressure was the cause" of Mr Floyd's death."

No doubt there will be legal hearings to confirm cause of death but how anyone can view that video and not consider it to be a form of wrongful death is beyond me.

Newham has a serious problem with crime linked to extreme poverty worsened by racial discrimination. This is also a class issue. Why was predominantly white Glasgow until relatively recently dubbed "the murder capital of western europe"?

It is not mainstream "left wing" politicians race baiting rather right wing bigots such as Donald Trump who are using the race card to try and win votes.