Sunday, November 05, 2017

Muslim, Hindu & Sikh Spitfire Pilots defended Britain from the Nazis..It's their Poppy too!

100% agree. As well as the West Indian, Africans, South Asian and other Empire and Commonwealth heroes who saved us from German conquest in the First and also the Second World War.  


Anonymous said...

Stop posting lies. These are NOT pilots defending Britain from the Nazis...The photograph is of the No.2 Squadron, ROYAL INDIAN AIR FORCE, equipped with Hurricanes and deployed to the Burma theater. Shown Fg Offr OD Agnihotri with fellow pilots of No.2 Sqn after advanced training at the Operational Training Unit at Risalpur, just before their posting to Kohat.

John Gray said...

Hi Troll

There was Nazi led fascist Axis alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan. Britain was being attacked on all fronts. If these brave men had not been fighting the fascist Japanese in Burma then they would have been alongside their Indian comrades fighting over Italy or France. It was all the same fight and we should honour them all.

Please learn some history.

Unknown said...

Bloody Anonymous, cowardly piece of detritus !!!!

John Gray said...

agreed. these trolls are so vile

John Gray said...

more ignorant troll comments deleted

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