Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"Get help staying warm this winter" UNISON "There for you" 2017

(Are you a UNISON member on Housing benefit or low pay??? If you don't ask in life you don't get!

Winter fuel grant

Application form 2017-18
Important information
• Please complete all sections and enclose supporting paperwork. Incomplete applications
will not be processed. (In the event of any queries, you will be contacted, wherever possible via
• You must also complete the survey.
• Only ONE application per household will be considered. The maximum grant award is up to £50
and will be paid by cheque to the member.
• There is a limited amount in the fund and, once exhausted, no further awards can be made.
• Priority will be given to anyone who has not previously received a winter fuel grant.

Am I eligible for a Winter Fuel Grant?

To be considered for a grant, you must be able to show that you meet the following criteria:
i. You are in receipt of housing benefit
ii. Your household net income is less than £18,000.
By ‘net income*’ we mean all salary after tax, national insurance, superannuation etc, and including
your partner’s salary if applicable and benefits. However, do not include in your calculation Child
Benefit, the childcare element only of Working Tax Credit if paid, Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.
Also that
iii. Neither you/your partner have savings in excess of £800 (including rolling bank balance)
iv. You have not received a grant from UNISON There for you in the last 6 months.
v. You must have paid a minimum of 4 weeks subscriptions before 4 December 2017 to apply.

Where do I send my form to?
Return your completed application form along with all supporting paperwork to:
There for You (WFG),
UNISON Centre,
130 Euston Road,
London NW1 2AY
Is there an application deadline?
Your application must be received no later than 16 February 2018. Applications will then be processed
and decisions communicated over the following weeks.

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