Saturday, September 09, 2017

UNISON Motion on low pay for Labour Conference

I have submitted this motion from my UNISON branch to West Ham Labour Party GC for this years conference. 

"Conference notes that CPIH inflation stands at 2.6%, according to ONS data released on August 15th.

Conference notes that this means public service workers are facing yet another year of real terms pay cuts thanks to the 1% public sector pay cap.

Conference further notes that public service workers stand to be an average of a further £1,700 a year worse off by 2020 if the Westminster pay cap is continued by the Conservative government.
Conference notes that whilst there is widespread public support for public services and those who provide them, the government have failed to end the public sector pay cap and deliver the meaningful pay rise all public service workers need and deserve. Services are already suffering from recruitment and retention problems.

Conference welcomes Labour’s commitment in the 2017 manifesto to end the public sector pay cap.

Conference believes that the pay cap must be scrapped – not just raised – but that more must be done to support public sector workers.

Conference believes that what is best for public servants and public services is a return to meaningful pay negotiation and bargaining across the public sector, with pay rises fully funded by the government and a return to pre-financial crisis levels of pay.

Conference resolves that Labour’s manifesto must commit to fully-funded, above-inflation pay rises across all public services, reversing the impact of the pay cap and restoring real-terms public sector pay to pre-financial crisis levels over the course of the next parliament".

UNISON picture caption of what you have lost due to pay cap if on £20,000 per year.  

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