Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Campaigning in Plaistow South & Running a Board

This canvass took place two Sundays ago. I "ran the board" for the team which means I gave out names and addresses to canvassers to go and call at then collate any information. I quite enjoy this from time to time since it is mentally challenging to control a team especially in a part of this ward that I have only canvassed once before a few years back.

However, it can get a little repetitive and I miss the face to face contact with people.

This area used to be a BNP stronghold but thankfully is now a strong Labour seat. We had two ward local councillors with us, Neil and Aleen, so they were able to pick up Council case work. There was one house where the owner was unhappy that the Council will not pick up and recycle glass during rubbish collections. So she had left all the bottles she had used in the last few years on her drive. There were "a lot" of bottles. I am not sure what Neil is going to do with that one?

There were a number of really pretty and well kept gardens in the area. A bizarre door entry system for a block of flats where the button to open the communal door (top right) was on the outside not the inside?

On way back I noticed a wonderful example of street art by Prince Regents Lane Post office (bottome right). 

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