Friday, March 02, 2012

Why the 4th July is special to the Labour Movement

Trying to find a training room at the UNISON Centre recently I came across a historical display on the 3rd floor. In a cabinet there is this flyer celebrating the the election on Monday 4 July 1892 of Keir Hardie for South West Ham as the first Independent Labour MP. 

Click on picture to bring up details.

West Ham Labour Party is planning to mark the event (see post)

I didn't realise that a performance called "A Better Day" about this event had been performed in the local Stratford Theatre Royal to mark the NALGO (one of the unions that joined to form UNISON) Presidency of Rita Donaghy in 1989/90.

When it is finalised on how we will be marking the event I will post further.


Anonymous said...

I am sure your first Labour MP, would be turning in his grave, if he saw the state of Newham politics.

John Gray said...

thank you anon for your pointless comment. I am equally sure that he would not.

Anonymous said...

Excellent find - looking forward to seeing how the Party and community alike celebrates this anniversary. I believe a memeber of the Keir Hardie school governing body is a member of the Labour Party - wonder if a joint effort can be organised?

John Gray said...

A labour movement history walking tour of Stratford