Thursday, March 08, 2012

Save Our NHS Rally

Below are the tweets (and retweets) I made at last nights "Save Our NHS" rally at Westminster. It was a really impressive display of the wide breath of opposition to the proposed reforms. The first tweets start on the bottom.
  • "Just congratulated Mary Locke (see picture) for making great speech. She is making her way home by train to brum
  • Good to see the LRC trots showing their true colours and heckling those who are trying to do something about the bill
  • "If I become the next S of S for health I will repeal this Bill" Andy Burnham MP
  • Last but not least Andy Burnham MP labour Shadow Sec of State for Health. "No longer one NHS"
  • Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, public health physician: The NHS is in danger of becoming nothing but "a logo, a budget & a few quangos"
  • "Non cooperation with evil is a duty as much as cooperating with good" MG
  • Another public health professional against the bill. Dr Alex Scott-Samuel. "There will be more deaths under this new system".
  • So, why are people yelling at an MP who has voted the right way every time?
  • Prof. John Ashton director of public health and country medical officer, cumbria. Have big society pickle picnic in gate head
  • Don't let r NHS slide into a USA model. Video of US health worker talking of their privatised health service. Steel worker union?
  • Top unison hospital house keeper Mary Locke tells it as it is!
  • Dr Clive Peedell who ran 190 miles to publise Save our NHS. He will be running 42 miles on Friday to Newcastle to lib cons
  • Rehana Azam GMB National officer and head of NHS "if we had the Royal College of Surgeons we would have a full house"
  • Why r people heckling speakers who are doing their best to defeat the bill? Hmmm
  • Blast from the past. Lord Dr David Owen. "I have never been a Liberal" response to heckle
  • Cecilia Anim clinical nurse. Fight to save r beloved NHS. Kill the bill not the NHS
  • 169k signatures for NHS risk regsiter debate but Gov still refusing to hold one Dr Kailash Chand
  • More selfish wreckers and splitters leave with via a helping hand. One dressed as a cat? Was it george galloway?
  • BMA Dr Hamish Meldrum supports his fellow health workers. A unusually dapper trade union leader


Anonymous said...

the young chap that shouted down the midwife!!!!! is a known Trott [his dad is a millionaire] he was wearing a guys and St Thomas hospital badge, he has joined the branch [even though he doesnt have a job there!!!!] the delegation from the Guys & tommys branch that witnessed this chumps actions were disgusted by his childish actions, never represented a member, plays no active role in the branch,has never done a thing for his Union or any member, but expects to hold court whenever he chooses! A FUTURE PAPER SELLER STANDING IN THE GUTTER IF EVER THERE WAS ONE, a true Noddy,

Anonymous said...

AWL and SWP are a joke it was a TUC event
Trade unionists are of all parties and non

so why do revoluntionary trotskyists think they should dictat who we listen to

John Gray said...

Hi anons

There were 2000 people present. A tiny, tiny number (10?) of loud mouthed, selfish, self serving brain washed morons did their level best to try and wreck the Rally to save our NHS.

They failed and the rally was a great success but what on earth did supportive friendly speakers think when they were sworn and screamed at by the lost deposit defence league?

Indeed what is wrong with them? They are infantile and cowardly wreakers but I am forced to conclude by their behaviour that they don’t want a broad front to save the NHS and they actually want our NHS to be privatised and broken up because they think it will bring about “the revolution”.

There is no other rational explanation for such complete cant and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

why is it that SWP and the likewise never seem to work where they want a strike! they hide behind other Workers Stuggles. the idiots that made fools of themselves were all non UNION members! the Lowest of the Low, when they grow up they will look back at such actions and blush !

Anonymous said...

The LOONS are eating themselves! the Alliance for Workers Liberty [Splitters!]launch full on attack on Unite on there website, these numpties work and take there instuctions from Unite staff/reps then attack them when it suits them, Len you must not help the chumps that attack you!