Wednesday, March 07, 2012

UNISON London Labour Link Forum 2012

Yesterday evening I Co-chaired with Gloria Hanson, the 2012 UNISON London Labour Link (APF) forum. Which acts as the Annual Regional Conference of 60,000 (ish) London UNISON members who choose to affiliate to the Labour Party. 

This took place at the UNISON HQ in Euston. Afterwards there was a launch event with Ken Livingstone which I post upon later.

After opening remarks and introductions, we discussed our financial report and the work plan for 2012. This has been dominated this year by the London GLA and Mayoral elections. Next we debated motions.

The first was a motion from my Housing Association Branch on "A New Direction for the Labour Party" which I will also post upon later. This motion was passed overwhelmingly apart from one Toy Town Revolutionary who obviously does not believe in greater equality nor that the Party should move to the left since that would prevent him from braying betrayal politics at every opportunity. While from Waltham Forest Local Government, my good comrade, Alan Griffiths spoke on "Renewable Energy". Unfortunately we were not able see his PowerPoint presentation.

Next was our first guest speaker Keith Birch who gave a report on National Labour Link. Followed by Helen Symons, the Campaigns and Communications Officer for TULO (Trade Union Liaison Organisation" (see picture above). Finally Julian Cooke (who use to be a member of Forest Gate North Labour Party), who is a Labour Link Organising Officer, he spoke about the "Political Education Project" which is is trying to get ordinary members to recognise how important "politics" is and to encourage them to get involved. 

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